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Amy's Reflections

June 10, 2019

This week I have been on vacation with my family. We spent the week gaining memories and spending precious time together.One of the things that we got to do on our trip was visit the WWII Museum. What an incredible experience. It was emotionally overwhelming to make your way through the museum and see all of the exhibits. We had the gift of being able to visit on the 75th anniversary of D-Day and were able to participate in celebrating the parade of WWII veterans. What a humbling experience to be able to thank the men and women that sacrificed so much. As we reflected on our day I challenged my family to reflect on all the wonderful things they got to see and do and to be thankful for all that we have.

One of the things I noticed while traveling is all of the signage for healthcare facilities. I saw everything from hospitals to urgent care to spine centers. One common theme was the different branding used in all of them. They mostly all say they center around the patient similar to the facilities in our area. I caught myself wondering which one really centers their care around the patient. I am so thankful to work with an incredible group of people that truly put our patients first and treat them as they would their family. Ultimately that is what we all want. The comfort that comes with trusting the team taking care of you. So, I am incredibly thankful for each of you. My challenge for you this week is whether it is a vacation or a staycation that you have this summer, take the time to make memories with your families and friends.With all the incredible care you provide to our patients you deserve to take some time for yourselves.

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