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May 10, 2021

So our big news this week was that Shaila did well on her final for Nursing 2 and will move on to Nursing 3 this fall. Just like everything else this past year her classes were definitely different and she had to adjust to some new learning methods that were not ideal for her. However, she worked hard and accomplished her goal. We also had Maleigha compete in her first horse show this past weekend. It was a fun show as it was very laid back and meant to be a great learning opportunity. She pretty much had an emotional meltdown on her horse before entering her first event. I have learned after many years of dance competition that sometimes it is better for everyone if you call in reinforcements. Luckily, Fawn Roberts was close by and asked her if she could help with a pep talk and she jumped right in. For her very first event ever, she did great and I was proud of her for overcoming her fear and accomplishing her goal. Huge shout out to Fawn as it definitely takes a village, and I appreciated the support!

I was reading an article online that talked about leadership principles that can also be utilized in parenting. The author shared that her two favorite principles are to assume positive intent and to lead with curiosity. Her direction was instead of jumping to conclusions that her kids made a mess just to give her more work to reframe it to assume there is more to the story and lead with a question to determine the why behind the mess. 100% I could do better with this at home, and I am positive I could do much better with this at work. So, for the rest of May, I challenge you to reframe your frustrations in a positive way and then ask a leading question from a place of curiosity instead of accusation. For example, I bet they rolled out this process thinking it would be helpful instead of creating more work for me. I think I will ask what was the idea or concept behind the change. I would love to hear how this is working for you over the next month!

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