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Amy's Reflections

April 12, 2021

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend and was able to enjoy the sun and warmer temperatures. It is amazing what a few days of sunshine can do to lift our spirits. I know when it is cloudy and rainy, I feel like I am channeling Eeyore and his take on life versus when it is sunny out and I think I can accomplish anything. I have figured out over the years that the sense of accomplishment definitely fills my bucket and makes me happy. After a year of pandemic precautions, I think it is a perfect time to reflect on how do you take care of yourself amongst all the chaos? Maleigha asks me all the time what is my favorite thing to do besides spending time with the family. I always have the same answer, reading my kindle. It allows me to transport my mind to a different world and envision the story. It allows me to escape all the stress and anxiety for a few hours. 

As healthcare providers, this past year has been more stressful than most and filled with uncertainty. Hopefully you were able to find something that either filled your bucket or allowed you to escape for a little bit. If not, you really should find one activity that provides you with self-care and feeds your soul. We all need a little re-charging, and we all go about getting it from different things. The important point is that we seek it for ourselves. It’s kind of like on the airplane when they tell you to secure your oxygen mask first before trying to help others. Feed your soul routinely so you can continue to be amazing care providers to those in need. My challenge this week to you is to send me your self-care activity. I would love some new ideas!

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