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December 5, 2022

Any guesses on how long until one of them is overdrawn? I forgot how many life lessons happen in these teen years. We had a great example this past week when the kids got out of school early due to bad weather. Their father instructed them to go straight home, and instead they went to Casey’s. Well, much to their dismay, he found them at Casey’s and proceeded to educate them on following directions. Rick and I discussed it later as he explained “why” he was so upset. He was concerned that even if they got in a small fender bender, someone from another department would have to risk their life to come to Belmond to handle the case. I encouraged him to share that with the kids, and after the explanation it made much more sense to them as to why it was important. 

We do this a thousand times a day in healthcare. We give directions and forget to explain the why, or we make decisions without considering all of the ramifications. As we head into this busy holiday season, I encourage you to take a step back and pause; reflect on the why and make sure you are clear on your path. This is especially important when dealing with patients. They don’t have the luxury of having all of your clinical knowledge. So slow down and take your time to make sure they understand the why behind the directions. I am so grateful to work with such an amazing group of people! Thank you for the difference you make every day!

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