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Amy's Reflections

November 25, 2019

After watching the video from QEMS five different times, I decided to challenge my family with a phone free day. So, this past Sunday we put our phones away and enjoyed conversation and connecting with one another. We were almost late for church as no one knew what time it was, but it was pretty smooth sailing the rest of the day. We went to visit Rick’s mom and had such a wonderful time laughing and having conversations. That evening we had a discussion with the kids on how important it is to focus on the person talking to you and to be in the moment and make memories. Although we definitely are not phone free every day, all three of the kids shared that from now on they are leaving their phones in the car when we go to Nana’s house so that they can just visit with her. This makes my heart happy!

This is a crazy busy time of year for everyone. The holidays tend to bring on a frenzy of stress and pressure as well as being a busy time of year for us in healthcare. Please remember to take time and breathe. Reset your mind to focus on the things that make you happy and bring you joy. Remember that you are in a job where you get to make an impact every day with our patients. So chose your attitude for the day and make it the best day possible for the patients and for yourselves. As we head into Thanksgiving I encourage you to find the will power to put your phone down even for a few hours and truly enjoy your time with friends and family. Make some wonderful memories and have a blessed Thanksgiving.  

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