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August 15, 2022

My last two weeks have been filled with life lessons about chasing your dreams and following your passion. Within the last two weeks, Shaila passed her nursing boards, put an offer on a house, and will start a new job this week. It has been a tough road to get there with a lot of tears, sometimes pushing and sometimes pulling her along, but she set a goal and worked to achieve it. She is proof that hard work pays off. On the other hand, Maleigha worked really hard this year with her horse and was named Pine Lake Saddle Club Junior Queen. She had the amazing opportunity to participate in the State Fair Junior Queen Contest this past Friday. She didn’t make it into the finals, but her goal for this year was to win a queen contest. She is already dreaming up her goals for next year, and I am certain winning the State Fair Queen Contest will be in her goals over the next several years. The lessons for me were that if it is something you are passionate about than nothing is out of reach so dream big and never give up. 

I feel like that is also the story of ISH. We set big goals each year when we create our strategic plan, and I am always amazed at how much we can accomplish in a year when we are all working in the same direction. I love working for an organization that not only encourages dreaming big, but also somewhat requires it in our daily jobs. Several years ago, Dr. Whitters bought me a sign for my office that says “I Dream Bigger”! This sign has been my guide over the years whenever I think that we can’t compete or we can’t provide some service to our patients. I read it over and over and the vision becomes clear. We absolutely can do it and with the amazing team we have at ISH, anything is possible. So, your assignment for this week is to take that big dream off the shelf and get to work on it. Often the only thing stopping us is ourselves. 

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