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Amy's Reflections

July 20, 2020

We experienced our first quarantine at our house as Shaila tested positive for COVID. We were fortunate to know where she contacted it from and she is old enough that self-isolating was a little easier to accomplish. However, we did embrace masks in our household and if she came out of her room masks were required. As a mom, when one of my babies is sick, I still feel the need to fuss over them no matter how old they get. I did spend time with her in her room two different days while wearing masks. Our whole family was tested after the required seven days from exposure and we were all negative. So, from personal experience I can tell you for sure that the masks work.

Imagine what we could accomplish if we all took a deep breath and focused on prevention like we do anytime there is an illness we are trying to avoid. There a million unknowns in our daily life in any normal year and we manage to make good decisions based on our own personal well-being. Although we are living in such an amped up time right now, those principles remain the same. Prevention is our best option and with this particular illness, prevention is wearing a mask, social distancing and good hand hygiene. None of these things are super difficult and actually pretty easy to incorporate into our daily lives. My challenge for you this week is to not worry so much about what everyone else is doing but to focus on prevention and yourself. Please lead by example and wear a mask when in public settings.

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