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July 19, 2021

Jacob takes off for his first official football camp this week, and he is somewhat excited but mostly nervous. We discussed it the other night, and I think the biggest driver of his nervousness is the fear of the unknown. He is unsure what they are going to be doing and how each day will work. I am positive that he will learn a lot and have a lot of fun, but I definitely understand the fear and trepidation when you don’t know what to expect.  

It seems like in healthcare most of our days are filled with the unknown. I know that rarely do my days go as planned, and I am not in direct patient care, so I am sure in those areas it is even less predictable. However, one of the benefits in working in a profession that is constantly changing is it allows us to be adaptable, flexible, and innovative in how we tackle problems. We only need to look over this past year and a half with the pandemic and all the quick turns and rapid implementations that we accomplished. Our innovation was definitely in over drive. What if we brought that mindset to work every day and collectively brainstormed solutions together. The possibilities are limitless! 

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