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Amy's Reflections

July 6, 2020

As I write this article we have successfully completed another fiscal year. As we look towards completing our self-evaluations and prepare ourselves for our evaluations it is a great time to reflect on this past year and the impact we made. I know that none of you like completing your self-evaluation. I have heard it a hundred times, but it is a great opportunity to reflect on how you feel you contributed and how you see yourself contributing this next year. As you set your personal goals for this next year, really think about how you can make a lasting impact in your personal life, in your job duties, in whatever you are passionate about.

For each of us there have been times over the past year we have gone with the flow and hung in the background. There have also been numerous times that we were leading the charge towards the change that needed to happen. One thing remains the same and that is our commitment to our patients and our desire to exceed their expectations. We have won numerous awards over the years for our patient care and that is a direct result of the work that you do. Each and every one of you makes a difference.  So as you are thinking about the impact you want to make this next year, I challenge you to dream big and make a splash.

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