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Amy's Reflections

May 25, 2020

May is a big month in our house as we have three birthdays to celebrate. It starts with the youngest and then ends with the twins. Our whole family was born in even years so Maleigha turned 12 and the boys will turn 14. I am not sure how my baby is 12 already, man time flies. I love her sunny disposition. She often sees the good in the world around her. Don’t get me wrong, she definitely challenges us daily but she loves big and with her whole heart.  There are days I wish I could bottle some of her enthusiasm for life and sip it when I need the boost.  

My sister called me this week to ask for my help in prepping her for an interview she had coming up. This new position is a leadership position in an area that she has never worked in so definitely a new challenge. I tried to research the latest interview questions and found some interesting ones but in the end I followed my gut instinct of what I would want to know if I was going to interview her. As we discussed the questions and the answers we also talked through different examples of situations we have been in that have lead us to where we are in our lives and in our careers. One major theme that in our conversation was how incredibly blessed I am to work with this team. The connections you make each day and the distance you go to meet the needs of our patients is so impressive. We are an incredible organization doing incredible things because of each and every one of you. This isn’t something that can ever be achieved individually but can only be attained when everyone is pulling in the same direction. This week I wanted to share how thankful I am to work with all of you!

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