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Amy's Reflections

May 23, 2022

I am pretty sure I lost my mind this past weekend as we picked up another puppy. We love our labs and our pets are definitely part of our family, but I may have a problem. Oakley is our silver lab (brown) and is a year and half. Whiskey is our champagne lab (yellow) and is six months old, and now we have Smokey, our black lab who is 8 weeks old. I have one of each color now so we should be set. Although I am definitely an animal lover, I really enjoy spending time with kids and going to their different activities. They all have varied interests, and I am so proud of each of them for find something that they are passionate about and giving it their best. One of our current rounding questions is “what are you the most proud of either professionally, personally or both?” This is one of my favorite questions because most of the time the person I am rounding on is very proud of either their children/family or what they have accomplished. It is so fun to see the joy in their faces as they take those moments to reflect on what they feel pride in. 

As we finished up Hospital Week and Nurses Week and then EMS Week this past week, I sincerely hope each of you takes immense pride in the work you do through Iowa Specialty Hospitals and Clinics. You have the ability to impact people’s lives and change the way they view healthcare on a daily basis. Recently I was in a meeting where community members were sharing with me how comforting it was to see the familiar face of our volunteers when they come in for healthcare. Another community member shared what an incredible experience it was to have a procedure done at our facility versus the same procedure at another facility. No matter what your role is in this organization YOU make a difference. 

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