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Amy's Reflections

May 9, 2022

I can’t believe it is already May, and what a busy month this is going to be. Between graduations, finishing up school and summer sports, there doesn’t seem to be much downtime. Three of my four babies have May birthdays. I use the term babies loosely as the boys will turn 16 this month and can officially run all my errands for me. Such a bittersweet milestone as it is the sign of starting to let go with graduation just a few short years away. Maleigha will turn 14 this month as well and will be a freshman next year. I know all too well that once they hit high school the time goes way too fast. Shaila graduated from NIACC this past week with her ADN and will officially start her adult job/life this fall. Such is life - filled with change, growth and milestones, and I continue to try to embrace each of these phases and enjoy all the moments I can. 

We see these changes and phases in all aspects of our lives. Healthcare is always evolving, and I am blessed to work with an organization that is constantly looking to stay ahead of that curve to meet the needs of our patients. As we celebrate Nurses Week and Hospital Week, please take a moment and reflect on all the changes you have seen in your careers in healthcare. We were recently visiting with the CNO from Mary Greeley, and he was sharing that he could remember when they used to smoke in the hospitals and when they used to not wear gloves when drawing blood. It seems crazy now that those were ever options. Evolution always pushes us to grow personally, and in healthcare specifically, it pushes us to continue to provide better and safer care. As we take time to celebrate our incredible nurses and all of our staff this week, please know that you are changing healthcare and making an impact. We appreciate each and every one of you and the difference you make.

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