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Amy's Reflections

March 28, 2022

We had the pleasure of attending a horse show this past weekend. Maleigha performed on Friday and Saturday, and then participated in the Queen Contest on Sunday afternoon. It was a great experience with some valuable life lessons. We are fortunate to have a great group of parents and kids at the farm who are very helpful to each other. It truly takes a village sometimes, and we couldn’t do it alone. For the Queen Contest, 50% of their score was based off a 50 point test on horse knowledge and 50% was based on their ride with their horse. Maleigha rode beautifully and learned the hard lesson that effort equals results on the test portion. She didn’t study a ton even though I continually prompted her, but sometimes you have to learn those lessons yourself. She assures me that next year she will study like crazy! 

In healthcare, we are well versed in the lesson of effort equals results. We provide exceptional care and work together to achieve that outcome. It truly takes all of us working together, and no one person is more important than another. I am thankful for my work family and for the care they provide to our patients. I wouldn’t want to be working with anyone else. I know we all have a little Maleigha in us where we have to just live it ourselves to believe it. She may have gotten that from me! I would love for you to share with me one of your life lessons that you had to experience yourself to learn!

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