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Amy's Reflections

January 17, 2022

Our theme for this year at Iowa Specialty Hospitals and Clinics will be “The Calling”. It will be focused on reigniting our purpose and our passion for healthcare. It will most likely be a year filled with stories and sharing what brought us to healthcare and how this became our passion. Along with that, we will also be working on picking a word for the year that has personal meaning to us. This is a little more of a challenge but once you find your word, you will know it is the right one. For me, I picked “Honesty” as this is something that means a lot to me and is one of the characteristics I respect the most in others. Some of my favorite people to work with are those that challenge me and are honest about what is going on. They live fearlessly and are not afraid to share their opinion in order to improve the situation. I want more of that in my life. 

Sometimes in our work there is definitely an element of doing the right thing and treating our patients like we would want to be treated. It isn’t just about making them happy, but truly respecting each other and being passionate about the care we provide. Sometimes this is more challenging than others for sure. But at the end of the day, when we connect with someone else and know that we were able to help them through a difficult situation, it fills our bucket. So, this week my challenge to you is to think about your word for this year and make it something that moves you or inspires you. 

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