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Amy's Reflections

January 6, 2020

A group of us had the opportunity to visit Mary Greeley Medical Center this past week and tour their facilities. They were recently awarded the Malcom Baldrige National Quality Award which is a huge accomplishment. They have a beautiful facility with an independent spirit similar to us.  We identified several different opportunities for us to work together in the future and will continue those discussions in 2020. As we toured one of the areas we stopped was the CNO’s office. He had many things written on a white board in his office but the one that really stuck with me was a simple quote “Either do the work or improve the work”. It really is that simple. If you don’t enjoy the work you are doing than be part of the solution. Bring forward your ideas and solutions, make an impact.

As we look at 2020 and the opportunities spread out in front of us we will continually be looking at improving the work we do. I am positive 2020 will hold many changes for each of us and for our system. Healthcare is evolving at a rapid pace and we will continue to be challenged to stay ahead of that curve. This requires us let go of how things have always been and embrace new and different ideas and solutions. As we look for new solutions in this New Year let’s continue to put what is best for our patients first.  If we allow this to be our guiding principle we will continue to be successful in wherever 2020 takes us.  Let’s also take time to appreciate all the wonderful things that are happening in our facilities and our system. We have such an incredible team and we are blessed to work together for the good of our patients. Cheers to a new year!

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