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August 20, 2015

It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive disenchanted. - Japanese Proverb

Rick and I managed to somehow align our schedules for the first time this summer, and we are both off on vacation this week. Ironically, it turns out that we won’t actually be going anywhere on our much needed vacation. Apparently when you wait until the very end of summer you end up with a week off that is chock-filled with kid’s activities. So, we are enjoying time home as a family between cheerleading practice, dance, and football practice.  We are also taking this week to make sure we have everything ready for school starting next week. Seems like every parent I talk to is excited to get back into the routine of school. On one hand, the routine of school is really an amazing, well-oiled machine of homework, bedtimes, and extracurricular activities at least at the start of the school year. On the other hand, it is going through the motions trying to make it look good at the end of the year. 

Think about this in your daily job duties. Do you function as part of a well-oiled machine making everything appear easy and effortless, or are you going through the motions hoping no one catches on that you are just waiting for the time to pass until you can once again go home. I believe that the vast majority of healthcare workers out there are beacons of light in this world, making a difference every day in so many ways. I know as I visited our ER on Sunday feeling positively rotten, I was able to appreciate the well-oiled machine of Iowa Specialty Hospital. Thank you to Amy Brister, Karen Green, Reina Robinson, Cathy Weiland, and Dr. Colby for taking such great care of me! Thank you all for being those beacons of light!

Give a man a fire and keep him warm for a day. Light a man on fire and he will be warm for rest of his life– Anonymous

-Amy McDaniel, Belmond CEO


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