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A Word from Cindy

September 21, 2020

This week has certainly felt like fall. The change in temperatures and the much needed rain will certainly start to bring out the beautiful fall colors.  As the season changes we also know flu season is around the corner. This year more than any other it is so important to receive your flu vaccine. The CDC lists numerous reasons why it is important to get vaccinated and below I have shared a few:

·  Flu vaccination can keep you from getting sick with flu.

·  Flu vaccination can reduce the risk of flu-associated hospitalization for children, working age adults, and older adults.

·  Flu vaccination is an important preventive tool for people with chronic health conditions.

·  Flu vaccination can be lifesaving in children.

·  Flu vaccination has been shown in several studies to reduce severity of illness in people who get vaccinated but still get sick.

·  Getting vaccinated yourself may also protect people around you.

I was a screener at the clinic entrance this past week. During this time no one questioned wearing a mask or being screened. Many were thankful that we are there to assist them, whether it is helping them with a wheelchair, finding their way to an appointment or just socialization; something so many have missed over the last 6 months. The role that our healthcare organization plays in our communities is very important.

As an ISH team, we have done a fantastic job on maneuvering all the changes and staying safe. Thank you for your flexibility and wearing proper PPE. When you look at our numbers and see that since March we have had only 35 positive COVID-19 cases in our employee group that is amazing. We currently have more than 600 employees. With your help we can keep our positivity rate low by continuing to wear your mask, wash your hands, and social distance. Let’s all take one more step to staying healthy and get your FLU vaccine, so that we can continue to do what we do best, take care of our patients and each other.

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