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A Word from Cindy

July 25, 2022

As the summer heat is upon us, I hope you have been enjoying some of this great summer weather.

Summer seems to get shorter each year. We are now only about a month away from kids going back to school!  How is that possible?  Fairs, parades, farmers markets, ballgames, camping and so much more fill our summertime schedules.  Our family continues to participate in many of the state’s fairs throughout the summer. We volunteer; we help kids with their projects and participate as judges. These activities are an important part of our summer wellbeing.  

As I am writing this article, I received a phone call from my granddaughter asking if today was a fair day. She remembered that grandpa was judging in southern Iowa today and wanted to go along. While she is not ready to help in the ring, there are many things that I hope we can teach her from these trips, along with just spending quality time with grandpa and grandma. 

From the purple ribbons to the sunburns, I hope you are having a wonderful summer. Please keep the following in mind: Eat summer foods, travel smart, spend time relaxing (recharge), wear sunglasses, drink plenty of water, keep sunscreen and bug spray on hand, but most of all ENJOY your family and friends!!

Cindy's granddaughter at the fair

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