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A Word from Cindy

July 13, 2020

 Summer has arrived in Iowa and Mother Nature is making sure we know it is here with the heat and humidity. Another sign of summer and one of my favorites is the first ears of Iowa grown sweetcorn. The other day I traveled to Des Moines and on a street corner was a small stand from Adel with their first harvest. So over the weekend my family and I enjoyed fresh Iowa corn, grilled beef and fresh vegetables from a local farmers market.  It all tasted so good. I forgot to take a picture for the ISH page but this would be what I enjoy, good food on the grill, great weather and sharing with family. It is those times that keep us going, and fill our buckets. It has been a challenging past few months and everyone needs to make sure you take some time to do what you enjoy.

As we start our new fiscal year we are learning to work and live in different ways.  The Covid -19 virus is not going away any time soon and we will continue to face new challenges with this virus. When we look back over the last few months I am amazed at all the new things we were able to implement and change so quickly to meet the challenges that faced us. This roller coaster ride is not over and you have are resilient in keeping the organization on track and moving forward. The definition of resilient is “capable of bouncing back from or adjusting to challenges and change” and we have all had to adjust. As we move into the 2020 -2021 year I challenge you to focus on the results and commit to delivering great service, learn from your mistakes (we all make them) but continue to move forward, work smarter with what you learned, and last but so important support and encourage each other.  We are ISH STRONG and together can do great things, so let’s all show our resilience and make the 20-21 year the best one yet.  

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