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A Message from the CEO - Dec '21

December 15, 2021

People told me to be festive and joyous with this article because it’s the holiday edition. Typically, I get humbuggish around now. I talked to a friend who had last Saturday to shop and prepare for the holidays, and instead she went to the casino. I get that. Holidays bring up tough memories and visions of Christmas past. Sometimes the slots and the roulette tables are preferable to the crowds at Wal-Mart.  100% I understand. 

Along with Christmas, I really try to focus on the upcoming year and getting prepared with thoughts and perspectives and words to color my view of how I want to approach the near future.  This, I have. My word for 2022 is “refining”. I’m called to the biblical story of refining silver and continually watching and removing the imperfections until the silver is pure. This is how I want to see my immediate future and my endeavors. 
I want to get better at “me.” I want to get better at Iowa Specialty Hospitals and Clinics. I want society and the world to refine…remove the imperfections and move on down the river. 

Life in healthcare (in general, for that matter) has been pretty messed up for almost the last couple of years. There are lots of fingers being pointed in every direction as to whose fault it is … but … if we want to get back to how things were, or at least better than they are now, we have to - this is important - rise above the noise. This starts and ends with grace.

In this season of giving and love and festivity, how important is it to shop until you drop, eat until you explode, and glitter up everything possible and imaginable? Maybe for you - it’s really important, but I would say that it is just as important to give grace and space to those who need to go to a casino or choose to spend the end of December in quiet contemplation of what this season is truly about. 

Everyone is different. And that’s great. This has been a really tough year that started with anticipation but is ending with another variant of COVID, and who knows how that’s going to turn out. But what we can do is refine our own and collective journeys. And above all, we can rise above the noise and when possible, apply grace and love to every and all situations.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and I hope your 2022 is the best ever!

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