Iowa Specialty Hospital

A View from the Inside

Steve Simonin, President and CEO

Crossroads.  They can lead to great places or they can lead to bad places; it’s our choice -- what path do we take?  At Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics, we encounter crossroads all the time, whether it’s a new clinic or service or on/off boarding staff.  And, it’s never easy.  Easy decisions are those that don’t require movement or decision … it’s usually just doing the same stuff day in and day out.  Status quo in a changing world doesn’t usually point to success.

A long time ago I was talking to an expert and friend in healthcare.  I said “Jeez, Quint, all my friends are moving to different hospitals and jobs, and I feel I’m stuck and will end up being here forever.”  He said “Steve, the hospital you started at is not the same one you are at now - the changes and paths you’ve taken have transformed your organization into something completely different; you’re changing jobs all the time!"

Hmmm … when I started, this hospital was delivering about 70 babies a year -- this year we’re on track for 450.  We didn’t do orthopedics or bariatric or much surgery at all.  We didn’t have highly satisfied patients from all over the Midwest.  Yes, Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics is a different organization than Community Memorial Hospital of 1996.

How are you looking at your journey?  Are you satisfied with the status quo in a changing world?  I hope not because if you don’t keep up with everything (the news, technology, society, etc.) the gap will only get wider.  This is our responsibility as humans … to stay abreast and informed.  At Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics we pledge to be the best we can be, always and consistently challenging ourselves to be better. If you are not marching forward, look at the barriers in your way and consider joining the parade.  An informed and high quality life should always be the goal.

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