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Steve Simonin CEO

When my shoulder hurts, my foot pain is ignored.  When the music is loud, I forget the constant ringing in my ears (tinnitus).  Humans are attracted to the loudest “noise” or the biggest “pain”. Personally, I know that I need to be as aware as possible of the noise and pains in order to appreciate what is the most important.  A lot of times we ignore symptoms because there are more important things (we think) and then the worst happens.  

I was saying in a group, that I am attracted to vicarious drama (reality TV).  Someone else said they just want everyone to get along.  Life happens somewhere in the middle.  Someone who likes drama (me) is going to see things on one side of the equation and the peace lovers are going to be on the other.  I can hear myself saying or thinking - “the symptoms must be a sign of something really dreadful” … the peacemaker may think “well, it’s not so bad, that’s life.”  

Right now -- I’m thinking transparency with a huge dose of “calm down Steve, the world probably won’t end because of your shoulder pain” … is not a bad thing.  My annual physical is coming up in a couple of weeks, and I’ll get information that potentially will send me into a chasm of despair but seen in another way, could be fine news.  Understanding and doing the things that healthy mortals must do to successfully survive (exercise, eat correctly, sleep, do physical therapy for shoulder pain, turn down the music in my headphones) and appreciating all the symptoms of living with balance and grace will help me be a better person.  

A busy time of the year is upon us. Schedule your priorities (don’t prioritize your schedule), listen to your body and mind and pay attention to symptoms - both loud and soft. 

Steve Simonin
CEO & President

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