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Mother with a girl child on beach. Child has water in her ears.

There’s nothing like a fun day at the pool or beach, but sometimes all that water can play havoc on your ears. Swimmer’s ear can often be an unwelcome leftover from a day in the water. It is an infection in the ear canal usually caused by bacteria, but sometimes brought on by a virus or fungus.

Symptoms may include: itchiness in the ear, pain – which can become severe, trouble hearing, and fluid or pus draining out of the ear. Reasons why you may get swimmer’s ear include: sticking stuff in your ears like earplugs or cotton swabs, moisture becoming trapped in the ear, age as it occurs most commonly in kids and early teens, having narrow ear canals, or having certain skin conditions such as eczema.

If you have ear pain, don’t wait to see a doctor as the condition may become worse. Our Ear, Nose, and Throat Providers are here to help with swimmer’s ear and other similar conditions. To schedule an appointment in Belmond with our ENT providers, call 641-444-5577. They’ll get you back splashing around in no time.

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