Iowa Specialty Hospital

A View from the Inside

Steve Simonin, ISH President & CEO

In 1987 Pamela Ewing on the TV show “Dallas” woke up and found that the last season was all a dream*.  It was a good way to say, “nevermind”.  I briefly thought this is what I want to happen to 2020.  We could wake up on January 1, 2021 and find that 2020 was a joke from the universe.  God, in his infinite wisdom, pulled a “psych!” on us.  “Just kidding!! That was awful, right??” God would chuckle to all of us. Unfortunately, this is reality.  Ugh. 

If we didn’t have 2020, we wouldn’t have the lessons that are being shoved down our throats.  The need to practice patience, consistency, vigilance, caring for our community - all of these plus so much more came into very clear focus in this year.  It’s also easier to spot the crazies.  Those who will pop up and identify themselves as everyone else is keeping safe, diligently and quietly.  (Think Wal-Mart 2AM on a full moon Saturday.)

This has been a very interesting time for Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics.  Our big selling point before this was high touch.  Lots of gathering and volunteers and hugs and smiling in the halls … how do we convey the same message in this new environment?  This is our challenge going forward.  

In today’s world, surgeries, having a baby, visits to the clinic - it’s more important to feel safe.  We’ll still smile behind our mask and wave wildly at you from down the hall, but more importantly we will work very, very hard to make our hospitals and clinics as safe and as clean as humanly possible.  The safety of both the patients and the staff is of utmost importance.  It’s not the same, and hopefully someday soon we’ll be able to get back to what we once had, but for now our goal has changed.  

So 2020?  Bad? Good?  Who knows? But you should always try and extract whatever lessons you can out of any troubled situation.  We’re looking hard for silver linings.

*and Newhart, and Rosanne, and St. Elsewhere, and Lost … it’s common when story lines go awry and there is no plausible reason why things happened the way did.  

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