Iowa Specialty Hospital

A View from the Inside

Steve Simonin CEO

There are all sorts of kitschy labels we can use for 2020.  “Our vision is 20/20 for 2020!” … “2020 is in focus” … “Bulls eye 2020”.  Now, I really think that vision statements are important for an organization but more importantly, I feel attainable goals are more important.  

With this in mind, we are trying to figure out our journey’s map for this year.  I usually hesitate to load the year up with positives and optimism because that is a recipe for disaster, but this year feels different.  People are waking up to reality.  A lot of the news is not great - environmental disasters, high prices for goods and services, bigger cities getting bigger, rural communities continuing to get smaller and losing services.  The future will require us to work a little harder and be more aware of the consequences of our actions.  Pollute? - deal with garbage.  Eat too much and exercise too little? - sickness, pain and less quality of life.  Too much social media and ignoring reality? - relationships suffer. 

So with all of this, how do we expect to come out looking good?  By facing our obstacles and changing them into opportunities.  As an employer, we want our employees to enjoy the highest quality of life possible.  We want them to be engaged and healthy.  We are wearing watches/pedometers to gauge our activity to try and become physically healthier. There are so many examples of businesses going above and beyond and really pushing the engagement envelope.  

Next, how do we engage our communities that we serve to make them holistically healthy - mind, body and spirit?  As we march into this new year, we should do so with a clear, focused vision of what could and should be.  Leave “what I would like to do” behind and move towards “what I will do” and then do it and don’t apologize.  This is indeed a special year that begs us to do our best.  Let’s just do it!

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