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Bladder Health Awareness Month

Bladder Cancer Awareness Ribbon

During Bladder Health Awareness Month, we’d like to encourage you to follow these steps for better bladder health.

• Drink plenty of water; strive for 6 – 8 cups daily
• Cut down on caffeine and alcohol
• Practice good bathroom habits. It’s normal to use the bathroom 4 – 8 times a day and up to twice at night. If you go more than this, see your healthcare provider who may refer you to a urologist.
• Some foods bother the bladder; avoid chocolate (a source of caffeine) and spicy or acidic foods like tomatoes or citrus fruits if they bother you.
• Stop smoking as it is a major cause of bladder cancer
• Speak freely about your bladder health with your provider. Let them know if you are having issues.

If you’re worried about your bladder habits and health, we have the urology experts to meet your needs. Call 515-532-9310 to schedule an appointment in Belmond or Clarion to discuss your concerns and a course of treatment.

Use the link below to listen as Drs. Gallagher, Pothoven, and Schulte discuss their team approach to their patients' urology care.

A Team Approach to Your Urology Needs

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