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Steve Simonin

I’ve always assumed that we dream about things our subconscious thinks we need or miss.  When I stopped running 15 years ago (because I killed my knees and I was too fat); I dreamt about running every night for years - I missed it.  I’m sure you’ve had the dream where you’re taking the final test in a class that you’ve never attended*.  My opinion is that this means you may feel unprepared in life.  One of my goals is to just dream about good stuff.  So I manage my life by being prepared and dealing with stress appropriately.  The consequence of this groundwork is my subconscious rewards me with good, uneventful slumber.

What’s it mean to prepare? It could be as simple as getting a flu shot or limiting your time around sick people.  As an old Boy Scout (“be prepared” is their motto) I make lists, I reserve things ahead of time, I wash my hands, I call stores to make sure that they have what I need before I go … basically, I’m a pest because I don’t want to have anxiety later. 

So in this season of cold and flu (unless you like feeling like death warmed over) - prepare yourself.  Get your annual physical, eat right, sleep well, exercise, and WASH YOUR HANDS.  As much as we love being your healthcare provider - we don’t want you to get sick.  

Enjoy winter. 

* (I’ve had this dream and I’m usually not dressed appropriate.  I’m always in my underwear.  I have no idea why …)

Steve Simonin
CEO & President

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