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Wound Care

Wound care nurses Janet Disney and Kelsey Royster

Over 67 million people suffer from problem wounds that do not heal properly. There are a variety of reasons that wounds will not heal, including poor nutrition, diabetes, and blood flow problems. Iowa Specialty Hospital's Outreach Clinics offer wound care services with Janet Disney, RN, BSN, CWON, and Kelsey Royster, RN. Treatments range from acute wounds to chronic wounds.  

Here is what one patient had to say about the treatment he received: 

"I had an ulceration on my left ankle that was open for four years. At its worst, I was spending six hours a day changing bandages and cleaning the wound. There was a lot of pain. In three months of the mist therapy, my wound was fully healed. From the first treatment to the last, there was consistent improvement and I never took a step backward. I can walk better, sleep better and no more expenses for bandages. It’s painless and very effective. I wish I would have known about this 15 years ago!”  - Dennis W., Wound Mist Therapy Patient

If you have a wound that just won't heal, visit with Janet or Kelsey about your options. To schedule an appointment, call 515-602-9824.

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