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A View From the Inside

Steve Simonin, President & CEO of Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics

Someone accused me of seeking out drama today. “What if?!?” I probably said excitedly. (Sigh) Guilty as charged. I blame it on reality TV and social media. I’ve always thought (since I was born) that life should be more exciting so I add embellishment - hence the drama.This is something I need to work on. (Example: multiple likes on a personal Facebook post send me over the moon.)

At a recent leader meeting we had a speaker who spoke the dangers of the “like” on social media - it becomes an addiction as dangerous as any drug. It’s how society validates in 2019 - not a “good job” or a pat on the back, it’s liking your Instagram or Facebook post. (This bit of news was a buzzkill.)

Our lives are in fast forward right now. The evolution of everything from computers to communication to the environment is fast and furious. Because of this rapidly changing societal shift, drama naturally happens. The question is how do we teach both our kids and ourselves that validation via “likes” or faceless comments are not always pure and not always real? How do we get back to good ol’ fashioned validation? Smiling, talking, genuinely caring about other people -- showing the love -- can we reverse the current evolution?  

People nowadays make choices based on different things. In healthcare for example, quality care should be a given. Financially, for the most part -- medical bills are medical bills. The difference is how patients are treated - do they see and feel the “love”, are they treated as if they are part of the family, does your healthcare provider go above and beyond?

At Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics our goal is to practice this consistently and constantly. Drama in healthcare naturally happens and validation comes in the form of hugs and smiles. Medicine is stressful enough without additional fake excitement.  

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