Iowa Specialty Hospital

Minimizing Community Spread

A message from Michael McLoughlin, MD - Internal Medicine:

Recently, we have seen a large increase in the number of cases of COVID-19 in Wright County and the surrounding area, including cases of severe illness. It is clear that there is now substantial community spread in our area.

With the increase in activity, we recommend that everyone continue to limit non-essential contact (within 6 feet) with others. Wearing a facemask or clear face shield can help to decrease the risk of spread of COVID-19 if close contact cannot be avoided.

COVID-19 can be spread even by persons who do not have symptoms and do not know they are infected. It is primarily spread by the virus that is carried in respiratory droplets leaving the mouth or nose when a person is breathing, speaking, or coughing. To cause infection, the virus must enter the nose, mouth, or eyes. The respiratory droplets most commonly travel less than 6 feet before falling to the ground. Wearing a mask can help to decrease the distance that viral particles spread, decreasing the chance that an infected person would infect others. Wearing a face shield decreases the ability of the virus to directly access the eyes, nose, or mouth where it can enter the body and cause infection. Frequent handwashing helps to ensure the virus that could have landed on the hands does not enter the body if a person touches their face.

These measures can help minimize the ongoing spread within our community and lower the risk of severe illness among our loved ones.

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