Iowa Specialty Hospital

New Appointment and Surgery Processes in Place

With the ever-changing COVID-19 situation, we continue to adapt our policies and procedures in response.  One of our most recent changes is the use of face masks and face shields during scheduled appointments and direct contact with patients.  This new procedure will provide an extra layer of protection for both our patients and our staff.

With a focus on safety and prevention we have implemented COVID-19 testing prior to surgery for our patients. Tests are performed 48 hours before surgery and patients testing negative proceed with surgery as planned. If a patient tests positive we work closely with them to provide support and guidance to minimize risk of spreading COVID-19.

We are starting to see some community spread of COVID-19 in our local area.  Additionally, we now know that COVID-19 patients can be asymptomatic, meaning they show no signs or symptoms of the virus and can be contagious without realizing it. Please know that we continue to closely monitor the situation and respond timely with changes to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our patients and staff.

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