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Manufacturing Company and Iowa Specialty Hospitals’ Existing Partnership Aids in COVID-19 Situation

A major manufacturing company in North Iowa, has been proactive in their response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the safety of their staff and visitors. As an established medical provider for them, Iowa Specialty Hospitals and Clinics has been able to aid in this process.

Ashley Terwilliger, Nurse Practitioner, is an Iowa Specialty Hospital provider that provides services onsite at the manufacturing company full-time.  In this joint venture, there is designated clinic space within their facility where employees can be seen for their personal health issues as a benefit of employment there.  Due to this relationship already in place, Ashley was able to assist them to be pro-active in their response to COVID-19.  Employees are able to visit privately with the nurse practitioner about their health and any concerns they may have at this time.  In addition, any employees who are currently off of work due to COVID-related symptoms have been able to visit with the nurse practitioner on a regular basis via phone check-ins.

Currently the facility screens everyone who comes to the facility including employees, vendors, drivers, or any other visitor through a drive-thru screening process. During this process, a series of questions are asked and temperatures are taken.  If testing is negative, the person is given a smiley face sticker to wear to indicate they have been successfully screened.  Should an employee or visitor have a fever or screen positive, they are provided with materials on who to contact for further evaluation and advised to quarantine at home.

Other measures that have been implemented to prevent the spread of COVID-19 include required facial coverings within the facility, daily and weekly deep cleaning methods, modifications to common areas to promote social distancing, installation of double the number of hand sanitizer machines throughout the facility, and providing readily available cleaning agents for employees to wipe down their work areas every shift.

“It is always my pleasure to provide care for the employees and that has become especially true during this pandemic,” shared Ashley. “Through the clinic located onsite, I have had the opportunity to get to know the employees as individuals and to see them for any needs that may arise. It is my hope that I have been able to bring a small sense of security and stability for them during the COVID-19 situation.”

“Iowa Specialty Hospital Occupational Health has worked on a very proactive system with employers,” said Beth Jackson, RN, Director of Occupational Health with Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics.  “We enjoy working in whatever capacity is needed, whether that is an onsite or telehealth clinic, surveillance or DOT physicals, incorporating personal health issues for the convenience and cost effectiveness of employees and employers, or working with case managers, adjustors, etc. to provide the best possible care to injured workers.”

To learn more about Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics occupational health services, you may call 844-474-4321 and ask for Beth Jackson or visit the hospital’s website at

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