Iowa Specialty Hospital

New Restrictions Now in Place

No Visitors

To protect our patients, families and staff, we have implemented a no visitors policy as of April 8, 2020.  Only the following exceptions may be allowed for inpatient, OB, and clinical visits:

One Support Person for:

  • Laboring Mothers
  • Emergency Room Patients
  • Patients with Altered Mental State
  • Patients with Developmental Delays
  • Patients Under the Age of 18

 Two Support Persons for:

  • Patients Near End-of-Life

Anyone accompanying a patient who doesn't meet the criteria should wait in their vehicle or remain at home.

Visitors allowed under these exceptions must practice good hand hygiene, follow all appropriate personal protective equipment protocols, and must remain in the patient room at all times. If a visitor leaves the patient room, they must leave the hospital unless otherwise directed by hospital staff.


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