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To resume regular clinic appointments, we have launched telehealth. Since we were already developing a telehealth program, we were advanced enough into that process to implement it sooner than originally planned. Individuals can call their local Iowa Specialty Hospital clinic location to schedule an appointment just as they normally would. At that time, they will be scheduled for a telehealth appointment and then sent a text message with a link to an app called Vidyo. The app must be installed on the patient’s phone or tablet prior to the appointment. The day of the appointment, the patient will receive another text message with a link and pin number. At the time of their appointment, they will click on the link and enter their name and the pin number. From that point, they will be connected via screen sharing with their healthcare provider. If at any point the provider feels the patient needs to be seen, they will schedule an onsite or curbside clinic appointment for the patient. It’s important to note that Iowa Specialty Hospital’s telehealth system is HIPAA secure for patient privacy and protection.

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