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Iowa Specialty Hospital Patient Updates: COVID-19 Updates - Issue 13

Dr. Renee Diamond teaches the best way to wear your mask, why you should wear one in public, and some safety precautions along the way. Use the link below to learn more. Mask Up with Dr. Diamond
When Governor Kim Reynolds announced on April 24th that hospitals would be allowed to resume elective procedures, we at Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics were prepared with a plan. The hospital system began working on an elective procedure plan early on during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to rapidly resume...
Anytime a patient enters our facility, we want to make sure they have the most positive and safe experience possible. Now during COVID-19, we're taking even more precautions. The following outlines information that we have been providing our scheduled surgery patients regarding those precautions. What is Iowa Specialty Hospitals &...

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