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Tips to Prevent Winter Falls

Winter is here, and with it comes snow, ice, and other slippery conditions. During the winter months, the most common accidents (including slips, trips, and falls) often happen thanks to the dangerous conditions created by cold, wind, snow, and ice. While most winter falls result in only minor injuries such...
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Top Tips for Safe Stuffing

This Thanksgiving, take proper planning, preparation, and storage steps to ensure this side dish is not only delicious, but free from harmful bacteria. Top Tips for Safe Stuffing * Start by determining how much stuffing you need. When serving individual-sized portions, plan for about 1/2 cup of prepared stuffing per...
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Seasonal Affective Disorder

In a given year, about 5 percent of the population experiences seasonal depression, and four out of the five people who experience it are women. It's important to learn about the types of Season Affective Disorder, their symptoms, and what you can do if you are suffering from SAD. Seasonal...
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500th and 501st Babies of 2022

Iowa Specialty Hospital’s 500th and 501st babies of 2022, Landry Ann Overton and Axel Alan Overton, were born on November 2nd at 12:23 and 12:24 in the afternoon to parents Ashley and Perry Overton. Baby Landry weighed 5 pounds 14 ounces and was 19 inches in length. Baby Axel was...
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