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COVID-19 Update from Dr. Michael McLoughlin 1/20/21

More vaccine questions and answers! 1) How long will the protection from COVID vaccines last? The short answer is that we don’t know. They simply have not been around long-enough to know for sure, but we will learn more as the vaccine manufacturers continue to study the patients in their...
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COVID-19 Update from Dr. Michael McLoughlin 1/12/21

A couple of updates this week regarding COVID-19 vaccination: Most importantly, the state of Iowa has started to clarify which individuals will be able to receive vaccination next (stage 1b). This will primarily be people over 75 and those in certain occupations with a higher-risk of exposure (notably, teachers, first...
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COVID-19 Update from Dr. Michael McLoughlin 1/6/2021

Today’s COVID update is going to be addressing a bunch of random questions about the COVID-19 vaccinations that have been posed to me. 1) If we receive an initial dose of the COVID vaccine, how can a person be certain there will be a second dose available in 21 or...
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COVID-19 Update from Dr. Michael McLoughlin 12/22/2020

On the whole, we continue to have multiple reasons for hope on the COVID-19 front. We’re seeing a gradual downward trend locally and across the state in both infections and hospitalizations. Many more people have been taking reasonable precautions to limit the spread over the last month, and while it...
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COVID-19 Update from Dr. Michael McLoughlin 12/14/2020

Here’s something it doesn’t feel like we’ve been able to say enough the last several months – there’s lots of good news about COVID! The first vaccination has been authorized and should be administered to the first people in Iowa on Monday, the 14th. Second, the number of cases across...
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COVID-19 Update from Dr. Michael McLoughlin 12/7/2020

The most significant updates related to COVID-19 over the next several weeks are likely to be related to vaccinations, so I’m going to focus on a few of the most significant details related to the vaccines. There are two vaccinations that are likely to get an emergency use authorization from...
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COVID-19 Update from Dr. Michael McLoughlin 11/30/2020

Over the last week, we have finally seen some reduction in the number of cases and hospitalizations due to COVID across the state. This is certainly welcome news that suggests that more precautions are being taken and that it is working. While good to celebrate some improvement in the situation,...
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Press Ganey Pinnacle of Excellence Award Recipient for 2020

Iowa Specialty Hospital-Belmond is pleased to announce it has been named a 2020 Pinnacle of Excellence Award® winner by Press Ganey. The Pinnacle of Excellence Award recognizes top-performing clients from health care organizations nationwide on the basis of extraordinary achievement and consistently high levels of excellence for at least three...
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COVID-19 Update from Dr. Michael McLoughlin 11/20/2020

This week has brought both some very good and some sobering news on the COVID-19 front. Let’s start with the good news. Two companies, Pfizer and Moderna, have released preliminary results of their phase 3 vaccine trials and both show that they are >90% effective at preventing COVID-19. Just as...
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Overall Excellence in Outcomes and Patient Perspective Award Recipient

As part of National Rural Health Day, Iowa Specialty Hospital-Belmond, today announced it has been recognized by The Chartis Center of Rural Health and the National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health (NOSORH) for Overall Excellence in Outcomes and Patient Perspective. The Performance Leadership Award program utilizes the results...
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