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Well-Check Checklist: 0-5 Years of Age

July 26, 2017

Iowa Specialty Hospital Dr. Tew and Young PatientAt Iowa Specialty Hospital, the health of every individual is most important. The best health initiative anyone can take and control is preventative healthcare. Well-checks are essential for both prevention and maintenance of any pre-existing conditions. They also give patients (or their guardians if under 18) the opportunity to discuss any health concerns and build a strong relationship with their provider.

For young children, from newborn to age five, well-checks are most important for building their immune systems through vaccinations and checking for any possible developmental delays, including speech, fine and gross motor skills, and others.

Vaccinations are effective and safe. They prevent life-threatening diseases to children who are most vulnerable. Keep in mind that these diseases are much less common today than they used to be, but the germs that cause them still exist. Even a disease that has almost disappeared, with very few cases, will come back if we were to stop vaccinating our children. Vaccines, like medication, can cause side effects, but most reactions are not serious, especially compared to the sometimes life-threatening side effects of the disease they protect a child from.


Follow the recommended well-check health checklist below.


Infants (Age 0 – 11 Months)

□ Hepatitis B vaccination (3 times)

□ Rotavirus vaccination (2-3 times)

□ Dtap vaccination– Diptheria, tetanus, acellular and pertussis (3 times)

□ Hib vaccination (3 times)

□ Pneumococcal conjugate vaccination (3 times)

□ Inactivated poliovirus vaccination (3 times)

□ Flu shot (beginning 6 months and older - annually)


Toddlers & Children (Age 1 – 5 Years)

□ Dtap – Diptheria, tetanus, acellular and pertussis (2 times)

□ Hib vaccination (once)

□ Pneumococcal conjugate vaccination (once)

□ Inactivated poliovirus vaccination (once)

□ MMR – measles, mumps and rubella vaccination (twice)

□ Varicella vaccination (twice)

□ Hepatitis A vaccination (twice)

□ Annual well check


To learn more about the above healthcare checklists or to schedule your appointment, contact Iowa Specialty Hospital & Clinics at 844-474-4321.

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