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The Importance of Immunizations

April 26, 2017

April 22 – 29 is Infant Immunization Awareness week (ENT). There has been a lot of dialogue and controversy over the past few years about whether vaccines should be given or not. At Iowa Specialty Hospital, the health of every individual is most important. Not only do immunizations protect children who have not yet built up immunities to diseases, but it also protects the elderly and other children that are susceptible and who are not able to receive immunizations because of pre-existing conditions.

Vaccinations are effective and safe. They prevent life-threatening diseases to children who are most vulnerable. The only known side effects to most vaccinations are cold or flu-like symptoms, if any occur at all. There has been no research that has linked autism to vaccines.

So how can you keep your infant healthy? Make sure to follow the recommended vaccination schedule listed below and follow-up with well checks with their pediatrician on a routine basis.

Infants (Age 0 – 12 months)

☐ Hepatitis B vaccination (3 times)

☐ Rotavirus vaccination (2 times)

☐ Dtap vaccination– Diptheria, tetanus, acellular and pertussis (3 times)

☐ Hib vaccination (2 times)

☐ Pneumococcal conjugate vaccination (3 times)

☐ Inactivated poliovirus vaccination (2-3 times)

☐ Flu shot (beginning 6 months and older - annual)

☐ MMR – measles, mumps and rubella vaccination (once)

☐ Varicella (chicken pox) vaccination (once)


To learn more about the above vaccinations or to schedule appointments, contact Iowa Specialty Hospital & Clinics today at 844-474-4321.

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