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Stay Active This Spring!

April 20, 2017

Teens playing soccer outsideWarmer spring weather brings out our motivation to get outside and get active.

While it’s important to be physically active, it’s also important to beware of injury that may come with more activity, especially if you’ve had a lack of activity during the cold, winter months.

Follow these tips as you enjoy old and new springtime activities and sports.

  1. Ease into the activity.

The easiest way to injure yourself is to go full throttle into an activity if you haven’t been active. All activities should be eased into over the course of a few weeks. Gradually increase your intensity each week until you’re where you want to be.

Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Emile Li states, “Don’t go out and run a marathon. Proper training and easing into an activity will help you avoid injury and perform better as your body adjusts to your new regiment.”


  1. New activities.

If you’re participating or want to try a new activity this spring, find a friend who is already experienced in this activity. They will ensure you are using the correct techniques to avoid injury and will help you develop good habits for performing that activity. They’ll also ensure you’re having fun.


  1. Seek help.

If you’re an athlete, young or old, seek help from your coach and or an athletic trainer who can help you ease into your routine. For spring sports, it’s best to ease into any activities and to vary the drills performed to avoid overworking a particular set of muscles or joints.


  1. Proper treatment.

Injuries can't always be avoided. If you’ve sustained an injury, it’s most important to ice it to help prevent swelling and help with mild pain relief. Make sure to get any weight off the joint or limb, and if needed, you can take an anti-inflammatory medicine. If swelling and pain do not decrease, schedule an appointment with your primary physician or an orthopedic specialist to see if there is any severe damage.


For more information about staying healthy and active this spring, or for concerns regarding past or current injuries, contact your primary physician or schedule a consultation with our partner provider Orthopedic Specialists at 515-955-6767.

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