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Speeding Up Wound Care: Ultrasound Mist Therapy

July 13, 2017

Person receiving wound care treatmentIowa Specialty Hospital is excited to announce a new wound treatment available called ultrasound mist therapy. The purpose of this therapy is to help wounds heal more quickly by breaking up bacteria cells and stimulating cell growth.

We see a variety of wounds in our clinics. This new ultrasound mist therapy can help those who have wounds that are slow to heal, particularly in cases of diabetic foot ulcers, venous stasis and arterial ulcers, which occur from poor circulation. In addition, this therapy can help speed along wound treatment for those involved in traumatic accidents, have burns or surgical wounds or for those whose wounds consistently re-open or haven’t fully healed.

The therapy is painless. A fine mist of normal saline is used, penetrating the wound and carrying ultrasound waves to break up the bacteria cells inhibiting healing. These ultrasound waves also stimulate good cells to grow, speeding up the healing process. The bacterial waste, which looks like normal drainage, is collected using dressings after each treatment.

Depending on the size and number of wounds, typical treatments are done three times a week, lasting approximately 5-10 minutes per treatment.

After four years of suffering, struggling with pain, and hours upon hours of bandage changes, Dennis Welsh decided to undergo ultrasound mist therapy at our Clarion Outpatient Clinic in October 2016.

Iowa Specialty Hospital Wound Mist Therapy Patient Dennis W.“I had an ulceration on my left ankle that was open for four years. At its worst, I was spending six hours a day changing bandages and cleaning the wound. There was a lot of pain. In three months of the mist therapy, my wound was fully healed. From the first treatment to the last, there was consistent improvement and I never took a step backward. I can walk better, sleep better and no more expenses for bandages. It’s painless and very effective. I wish I would have known about this 15 years ago!”

- Dennis W., Iowa Specialty Hospital Wound Mist Therapy Patient

Most insurances cover ultrasound mist therapy, making it an easy choice to speed along or finally heal recurring wounds. For more information on this procedure or any other health questions, contact Iowa Specialty Hospital at 515-602-9824 or view our list of services.

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