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Siblings Class Being Offered for a Third Time

September 15, 2016

Iowa Specialty Hospital’s Maternity Center will be holding a third “Super Siblings” Class on Friday, September 30th from 3:30pm to 4:30pm at Iowa Specialty Hospital in Clarion. This is a single session class that will help children ages 3-6 years old prepare for a new baby brother or sister. The class will be taught by Casey Howell, OB Leader or Kylie Young, CNA, at Iowa Specialty Hospital.

“We’ve had positive feedback regarding these classes, so we decided to add them as a regular offered class by our maternity center!” said Howell.

The Super Siblings course will be fun and engaging and geared towards children. Soon-to-be siblings will learn about a newborn’s appearance, holding a newborn safely, newborn behavior, feeding a newborn, helping out with a new baby, and coping with different feelings that may come with a new sibling. 

The class is free of charge, but registration is required. Please RSVP by calling Casey Howell, OB Leader, at 515-532-9357. Parents are invited to attend with their child in order to anticipate any questions their child or children will have at home following the class. 

The course will be held in the Iowa Specialty Hospital Boardroom in Clarion. Attendees should enter through the Emergency Room located on the northeast side of the hospital and will be directed to the Boardroom upon arrival.

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