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Ritter Family Donates Toward 3D Mammo at Iowa Specialty Hospital

May 3, 2018

Pictured: Ritters, Kirstein, and Asbe, are shown with the new 3D mammo machine that the Ritters donated towards in honor of their daughter.Bob and Judy Ritter of Dows recently donated $16,350 to go towards the purchase of a 3D mammography machine at Iowa Specialty Hospital – Clarion.  

The Ritters are passionate about the need of providing mammography services to all women as their daughter Jackie is a breast cancer survivor.

“Every woman deserves access to this advanced technology,” shared Judy Ritter.  Being advocates of Iowa Specialty Hospital, Ritters knew they wanted to support this new 3D mammography machine.  This is their 2nd such contribution in honor of their daughter, Jackie.

 “I appreciate working for a facility that is in support of being on the cutting edge with the best technology for patients,” stated Abby Kirstein, Radiology Leader.  “It’s also amazing to live in a community where the residents support projects like this one.  I want to offer my personal thanks to the Ritters for their donation to our department.”

“When your daughter calls you out of the field to tell you she has breast cancer, well that hits you…”  Bob Ritter shared, motioning to his heart. “We’re happy to report that Jackie has been cancer free for the last 3 years, but if others can avoid this type of experience, we want to do our part to make that possible.”

The Ritters are advocates for more than just technology.  They’ve been active, along with their daughter, to push legislation that requires providers to inform women if they have dense breast tissue.  Having dense breast tissue can make it harder to detect cancer at earlier stages.  Therefore, these women may benefit from additional testing for prevention. After 5 long years, Patty’s Bill was passed in 2017 and became affective January 1, 2018.

In order to make the most affective contribution, the Ritters worked with Duane Asbe, Iowa Specialty Hospital’s Planned Giving Officer, to make a crop donation.  This allowed for the greatest benefit to go towards the hospital for this project.  Asbe expressed his appreciation to the Ritters on behalf of the foundation and hospital by stating, “It is a generous donation like this that can ultimately provide advanced technology for the future health benefit to so many people.”

Judy wrapped things up by saying, “We want to encourage all women to get their mammograms.  We also want to encourage others to consider donating towards our local healthcare facilities.  You can do a lot of good things with corn.”  For more information on dense breasts go to


Pictured: Ritters, Kirstein, and Asbe, are shown with the new 3D mammo machine that the Ritters donated towards in honor of their daughter.

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