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Recent Mom Makes Donation to Mother's Milk Bank of Iowa

January 11, 2019

Mother, Devon Curry, with Daughter CarterOn June 19, 2018, Devon Curry gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Carter. Devon’s goal with Carter, like with her other daughter, was to breastfeed. However for a period of time, the baby developed some stomach problems which made it necessary to bottle feed instead. While they worked through these tummy issues, Devon continued to pump in the hopes that Carter would be able to return to breastfeeding.  It was then that her mother-in-law, Gabi Hawkins who is a nurse at Iowa Specialty Hospital, told her about Mother’s Milk Bank of Iowa.

Devon was able to donate almost a whole month’s worth of breast milk, which amounted to about 1400 ounces.  She made her donation in one lump sum, requiring several coolers for transportation and completely filling the Iowa Specialty Hospital’s donor milk collection deposit freezer.

When asked about encouraging others to participate, Devon shared, “It’s a bit of a process, but it’s worth it.  Knowing where the milk is going, it’s totally worth doing.”

Mother’s Milk Bank of Iowa collects, stores, and distributes human milk to babies in need including both hospitalized and at-home infants.  A screening process can begin any time after the birth of a child and costs are covered by the program.  While there is no compensation, collection containers are also provided for the donor’s convenience.  Mother’s Milk Bank of Iowa is always in need of milk for babies.  In 2017, the Iowa bank dispensed milk to 53 hospitals, 103 cities, and 14 states. If you would like to become a milk donor for Mother’s Milk Bank of Iowa, please contact OB Leader, Casey Howell at 515-532-9357 or Mother’s Milk Coordinator, Kelsey Smith at 319-384-9930.

Pictured: Devon Curry with her daughter, Carter.

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