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New Fetal Monitors in OB Department Make Huge Difference

April 3, 2018

Miriam Meinke holds new daughter, Aliah.The OB Department at Iowa Specialty Hospital recently purchased two maternal/fetal monitoring systems.  Features include monitoring of uterine and fetal activity, including fetal heart rate, temperature, oxygen saturation, ECG, and non-invasive blood pressure.

One of the best features of these new monitors is allowing mobility during labor. Older monitors required a laboring woman be confined to her hospital bed due to the wires required for obtaining data.  

Miriam Meinke was one of the first OB patients to utilize the new monitor.  She thoroughly enjoyed the freedom provided during the experience. 

“This system was a great tool compared to the one used during my first child’s delivery.  The biggest plus was being able to be more mobile and getting up without the assistance of a nurse when I became uncomfortable.  It was nice to have this freedom while knowing the nurses were still monitoring my status at the nurses’ station.  On a couple of occasions where the baby’s heartrate did drop, they were in the room checking on us right away.  I am so glad you are able to provide this to new mamas.”
Casey Howell, OB Department Leader, shared, “I am very excited to offer this new equipment to our patients for an improved birthing experience.” 

Dr. Amanda Tew agreed that the new fetal monitors are a great addition.  “They are amazing. It’s wonderful to see the freedom they bring to the patient, while providing secure, real-time monitoring of the baby at all times.”

Pictured above: Miriam Meinke holds her daughter, Aliah. Meinke wore a new wireless fetal monitor during her delivery stay at Iowa Specialty Hospital. 

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