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Meadows Reveals New Name at Open House

September 27, 2019

Woodlands Edge at The Meadows Logo for Independent LivingOn Wednesday, September 25th, the independent living at The Meadows held its annual open house. Staff welcomed the public with refreshments and tours of the facility. In addition, they revealed a new name change, Woodlands Edge at The Meadows.

“We’ve been undergoing several changes recently,” explained Holly Martin, Meadows Senior Leader. “Within the last year, we’ve combined some one bedroom units into larger two bedroom suites. Along with these remodels, we’ve updated our dining room with new lighting and tables and chairs.”

The staff has also been busy updating furniture in the fireplace lounge, brightening the hallways with new paint, and updating the walls with new décor. 

“Some of our newest wall hangings include photos from around Wright County,” shared Ryan Lobdell, Meadows Administrative Assistant. “This was fun, as we involved people from the community to provide their own photos. It’s like a small gallery of the county.”

These multiple changes lead to the desire for a new name. “We undertook these projects as the facility needed an update and refresh,” said Martin.  “During the process, we knew we would need new materials to share with the public also.  In working with our team, we decided to change the way we reference our room sizes.”

The team worked to come up with names of trees for each size of room.  For example, the smallest unit is an Aspen, the next a Birch, and rounds out with the largest unit as an Evergreen. 

“When we first began toying with the idea,” explained Kim Marker, Marketing Leader, “we tried to brainstorm flower names to keep with the Meadow’s theme.  However, we just felt flowers didn’t bring the strength that we wanted to convey.  Once we decided on a tree theme, we knew we need to update the facility name too.”

Working together, the team brainstormed ideas and eventually decided on Woodlands Edge at The Meadows.  From there, they worked with local printing company, PSI, to develop the new marketing materials.

“We’re really happy with the beautiful new folders, inserts, and brochures,” said Lobdell.  “We’re proud to share them with the public as they really capture the feel of Woodlands Edge.”

The goal is to carry the theme throughout the facility.  Eventually the exterior signage will receive an update and metal tree symbols will be added to the outside of each corresponding apartment.

“We’re proud of the longevity and heritage association with The Meadows,” concluded Martin. “Based on that, we knew we needed to keep ‘The Meadows’ as part of the name, but we also believe in reaching for the future.  That’s where Woodlands Edge comes in…growing the future of our independent living facility.”

For those interested in more information about Woodlands Edge at The Meadows, for themselves or their loved ones, please call 515-532-9332. 


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