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Meadows Assisted Living Passes Annual Inspection Deficiency Free

April 5, 2016

The Meadows Assisted Living in Clarion was recently notified that their annual inspection with the Iowa Department of Inspections & Appeals found them to be deficiency free.

In a letter of notification, Director Rodney A. Roberts stated, “Let me take a moment to congratulate you and your program staff for the violation-free monitoring visit on February 29, 2016.  Caring for the health, safety, and welfare of Iowa’s senior citizens is a paramount concern to all of us, whether regulator or provider.  We appreciate the efforts of you and your staff in meeting the requirements of established rules and regulations governing assisted living programs operating in the State of Iowa.”

During an inspection, all processes and procedures of the facility are reviewed.  The inspection includes but is not limited to: adequate and competent staff, medication administration, service and meal plans, cleanliness, and the overall contentment of the residents of the Meadows Assisted Living.

The Meadows Assisted Living opened in 2006, and is a 18 unit facility currently providing residency to  18 tenants.  Located off of South Main in Clarion, The Meadows is conveniently attached to Iowa Specialty Hospital.

“I’m so proud of our staff,” said Carla Kem, Meadows Manager, “and their diligence to make the Assisted Living not only safe for our residents, but to provide a family-like atmosphere with daily interactions, activities, and above all quality care.”

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