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Iowa Weight Loss Specialists Featured by Des Moines News Stations

April 28, 2015

Iowa Specialty Hospital-Belmond, along with its partner, Iowa Weight Loss Specialists, were recently featured on KCCI Channel 8 News and WHOtv Channel 13, along with patient, Terry Mahoney.  

Mahoney, of Des Moines, has struggled with her weight her entire life.  Weighing 630 pounds, she chose to undergo laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy at Iowa Specialty Hospital-Belmond for her second chance at life.   

Sleeve gastrectomy removes up to 70% of a patient’s stomach, including the portion that makes the hormone grehlin, thereby reducing the amount a patient is able to eat and the feeling of being hungry. Within one year, Mahoney could be down 300 pounds.  Her goal weight is 250, which she hopes to reach in a couple of years.

The goal is for both news stations to follow Mahoney throughout her journey.

Watch both features by clicking on the links below.

KCCI Channel 8 Feature                    

WHOtv Channel 13 Feature


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