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Iowa Specialty Hospital - Clarion Designates Color-Coded Parking Lots

October 21, 2016

Blue lotIn an effort to eliminate confusion, Iowa Specialty Hospital – Clarion has designated parking lots and entrances using color-coded signs. The Main Entrance and Parking Lot located on the west side of the hospital is now color-coded red. The ER/Outpatient Entrance and Parking Lot located on the northeast side of the hospital is now color-coded blue. Updated maps will be shared with patients and posted on the hospital’s website.

“Because our patients are telling us that they sometimes have a hard time finding their way around our hospital, we have made this change so that we may easily direct patients to a specific parking lot and entrance for their appointment,” said Cindy Hunter, Chief Quality Officer.  It is Iowa Specialty Hospitals and Clinics’ mission to provide an exceptional health care experience for every patient.  

“One way we work towards our mission is to listen to what our patients are telling us,” said Hunter. “We thoroughly review results from every patient satisfaction survey so we know where we need to focus our improvement efforts.”

Red lotThe following comments were taken from recent surveys of which patients expressed confusion on the hospital’s entrances and parking lots: 

  • “I found my way around because the technician came and got me and also escorted me most of the way out. I went in a different way this time, so would have been lost otherwise.”

  • “Used east entrance and entered Administration door. Neither of us noticed any sign directing us to Outpatient.”

  • “I came in the "wrong" door and wandered around trying to find the correct hallway.”

 “We are grateful for the patients who complete a patient satisfaction survey and tell us about their experience at our facilities,” said Hunter. “Our patients are the most important part of the care team!”



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