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Introducing Co-Pay Requirements

June 1, 2018

Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics has introduced new co-payment requirements for services.  Co-payments will be required for family medicine office visits, radiology services, and surgical services. 

Co-Payment Requirements Outline

Family Practice Services
Patients will be required to pay a portion of their deductible or co-pay amount at the time of registering for a family practice exam.  If they have an insurance plan that applies an office exam towards their deductible, they will be asked to pay $75. Otherwise they will be asked to pay the co-payment as determined by their insurance plan.*

Radiology Services 
When having outpatient radiology services, patients will be required to pay $200 which will be applied to their out-of-pocket expenses for those services.* 

Surgical Services 
All surgical services will require $500 as a down payment to be applied to a patient’s out-of-pocket expenses for those services. An estimate on surgical services will also be provided to help plan for a payment arrangement for any remaining balances owed.*

*Self-Pay Policy will still apply for self-pay individuals. 

For questions on co-payment requirements, please contact Kelly Leu, Business Office Leader, at 515-532-9231 or Greg Polzin, CFO, at 641-444-5623. Additional information may also be found at under Pay My Bill. 

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